I have had the pleasure of fishing the Indian River Lagoon from Sebastian inlet to Fort Peirce Inlet for over 30 years. I’ve logged numerous fishing trips both offshore and inshore. I learned to fish from the best like Captain Dave Boga, and his son, Captain Dave Bogan Jr., and my best friend, Chris Borer, and his family. Our lives revolved around the water. I knew from a young age that I would be connected to these waters for the rest of my life. 

In 2001, I graduated from Sebastian River High School as an athlete and honors student. In my senior year, I signed up for the U.S. Air Force, six months later I was off to boot camp and the starter of my four-year career in the Air Force. During my enlistment, as AC 130 Aerial Gunner, I was assigned to the 16th Special Operation Squadron and stationed in Hurlburt Field, Florida Air Force Special Operations Headquarters. I deployed on multiple tours to Afghanistan and other remote locations. My time in the Air Force taught me the importance of dedication, planning, and commitment. 

After completing my military service I came home to Vero Beach and began attending night classes using my GI Bill at Indian River State College. There was no question that I wanted to share my passion for fishing with anyone willing to come along. I obtained my Captain’s license and purchased my first boat, a 169 Ranger Ghost, then a gladesmen, then a brand new 168 Phantom, then a 184 Ranger Ghost, then on to his Custom 23 Wicked Wanda.  

While working in the local tackle shops I have absorbed a wealth of knowledge from the fishing community and other successful captains. I spend virtually every day on the water and honing my craft. Fishing with my friends, who are all avid anglers and sportsmen, gives me the chance to learn and try new tactics that keep my clients in the bite. My passion for fishing is the one thing I want to share with all of my clients. Call or email to book a charter today!